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Thinking about Dog-Friendly Glamping?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

If you're reading this I'm guessing you're someone like us that really loves their dog and wants to take them with you glamping. Dogs love it here and it comes down to three things: they feel safe; they are able to relax and enjoy all the new smells and sounds; and there's plenty to see and do.

Ever seen a dog completely chill out? It may seem funny but it's amazing how often guests say "gee Rover's never been so chilled...". Dogs aren't much for giving feedback, well not written anyway, so we're thinking dogs feel chilled here as its a place they feel safe, and it's incredibly peaceful here.

And they relax...Dogs are a good judge of our environment so they know when they can relax and enjoy the new smells and sounds around them. We’ve had nervous dogs arrive after a sitting in the car for hours, hop out and feel right at home after touch down on the green grass.

Plus there's plenty to see and do for you and your dog when you're here. We've got three dog-friendly beaches: Ohope Beach, Ohiwa, and Waiotahi, and only 15-25 minutes drive from here. There are also other walks in Whakatane along the river, and the Dunes cycle trail in Opotiki can be walked also.

Dogs love Glamping!
Dogs love Glamping!

Here's a pic of our girl Sky (in the harness) with her best mate Smudge. She loves checking out new smells, walking along the estuary edge, and swimming in the harbour at high tide. She follows us everywhere in the garden and always finds a comfy place to chill out while we're working away. We joke that she loves hard work, and can watch it for hours! You know that saying "working hard, or hardly working", well that's her.

Dogs are welcome by prior arrangement when booking, and a small surcharge applies. We ask that they are kept on lead at all times on the property to protect the birdlife that includes a number of ground dwellers. Dogs should be crated at night or constrained to a mat, and can sleep inside. Further details can be seen here.

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