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Matariki - a story of our genealogy to our stars and ancestors...

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

With the absence of light and noise we are able to capture the beauty and significance of the stars and ponder the meaning of our connection. This photo was taken outside our Glamping Tent Ataahua Ruru.

There is such beauty and meaning in not so much "what is" but "who is" Matariki, as Maori astronomer, Toa Waaka explains. He explains how Matariki is often known as the 7 sisters. The 7 sisters is the northern hemisphere story therefore not actually our story of Aotearoa - New Zealand. For Maori Matariki is our stories of our genealogy to our stars and ancestors.

Across the world indigenous people are seeking to reclaim their traditional knowledge. Within the last fifty years the Maori of Aotearoa - New Zealand have made significant efforts to reclaim their language, arts and science. Part of this renaissance includes a growing Maori movement to reclaim their astronomical knowledge. Maori astronomical understanding was infused throughout much of pre-colonial Maori life, culture and belief. The Sun, Moon and stars were an integral part of practices pertaining to agriculture, architecture, fishing, calendrical systems and exploration...


Read the Paper by Dr Pauline Harris

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