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Terms of Stay for Dogs

Dogs are welcome providing the following conditions are adhered to at all times, to ensure your stay and future guests stay is a positive experience:

  • One dog only - this is in consideration of the local wildlife and is non-negotiable.

  • Advise during the online Booking if you are bringing your dog and let us know in notes your dogs name, and breed.

  • To not allow dogs in any building if they have a tendency to scent. 

  • Ensure your dog is clean before arriving.

  • Dogs must be kept on a lead 100% of the time due to the birdlife and access to the harbour as wandering dogs could venture into out-of-bound areas. 

  • Dogs are not permitted on furniture or bedding and dogs must be crated at night.

  • Dog bedding/crate must be brought so the dog has its own dog bedding. We maintain a very high standard of hygiene and presentation for our friends so we ask dog owners put the dogs bedding on the floor where they will be sitting. This will avoid the risk of carpet mats being soiled.

  • Dogs are not permitted unattended in any buildings at any time.

  • Dog poo is collected and disposed of safely. It is the guests responsibility to cleanup. A pooper scooper is available for your use near the compost bin.

  • Wet dogs are not permitted inside any building. Bring dog towels for your dog.

Dog Walk

What can we do with our Dog?

There's plenty more things you can do but here's some top tips:

Walk around the estuary together during low tide.

Sit under the stars together. Nothing beats hanging out on the deck with your best mate looking up at the beautiful stars.

Ohope Beach, Waiotahi Beach and Ohiwa Beach are dog friendly. It's advisable to walk during early morning or late afternoon when cooler as your dog may not handle the heat. Make sure to take some fresh water for your dog and enjoy your time together. Leave your phone off and enjoy being together.

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