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Our Little Story

Our story of this land started when we decided to go for a drive, to head out of town, down a beautiful road we'd never been before. My famous words were "If we ever lived here, this would be the road I'd want to live on"...

We returned home to our busy lives, and life continued.  But we never stopped dreaming and 4 years later our dream came true. 

For a good few years Barnie provided a peaceful paradise in a hidden part of our 14 acre paradise. Living very busy lives we were quite happy to escape to paradise and embraced the simplicity of life; boiling water when we needed to do the dishes by hand; bringing in wood from outside to keep us warm in winter; and bathing outdoors under the stars. The journey back in a time provided us with a glimpse of what it must have been like for earlier generations living a humble life. A good life, one to cherish.  Our love for this land has grown as have the thousands of trees we've planted.


Another three years later the doors opened and guests eagerly arrived to stay. We want guests to experience this good life too. It's an experience we hope people take home and incorporate into their own lives. An experience that encourages togetherness.

The reviews we get from guests gives us much joy. It confirms the hard work we've put into the development of the land, is enjoyed and appreciated. Many guests speak of the expansive bird life we have and love awakening only to bird song. We've never before experienced such beauty as we have here, and it's largely thanks to nature, the birds, the beauty of the harbour, and the feeling of home that called us here.

As we venture forward we welcome people to retreat here in paradise, and return home with their personal stories of love, peace, and happiness from their stay. Amen.

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